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I miss my blog, so I will restart this thing by giving a run down of the blogs I read daily – in an effort to find inspiration, as well as introduce you people to some fun reads.

prettiest blog I read – full of all things DIY, retro, kitschy, mid-century, colorful

live vicariously through this blog about young farmers – lots of animal stories, food and pretty pictures

post apocalyptic style, business matters, hair, travel, meditation, food

food, vintage and retro everything, fun family

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Apartment redecoration infatuation

In May of this year I moved into a new apartment, leaving behind The Indian Queen (my old apartment’s god given name). Unlike my old apartment, my new one has ZERO storage/closet space and the world’s tiniest kitchen. In an attempt to make me love this place rather than loathe it, I have recently become obsessed with stalking furniture and design blogs for inspiration in changing this tiny apartment into a wonderful/comfortable/ aesthetically pleasing space to dwell. The pictures below map out a few ideas and rooms I would love to model my place after. I am on a tight budget, so I will be attempting quite a bit of DIY projects, as well as using my fantastic furniture finding friend Freddie to “scout :)” out some funky fantastic furniture finds.