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If you live in Kentucky (or anywhere for that matter), you definitely need to get your hands on STORY The Magazine. The first issue came out in June, with the second issue due out in four short weeks. The stories are raw, hilarious and the writing is brilliant. Not your everyday Kentucky publication; no not at all. The stories expose the depth and boat loads of character we all know this crazy beautiful state houses. I have even had the pleasure of helping Julie (Editor-in-Chief) and Laurel (Story Seller) out with some fun STORY business, including some writing (look for it soon!). Check out a few of my very amateur snapshots from the launch party earlier this summer, and make sure you get a copy (or subscribe!)

Launch issue cover model

Melissa and myself

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my heewhos

Heewho [he-who] n. – Puppy, dog, cute animal. Mainly dogs. Origin: Rachel Horn’s brain in 2005. – heewhos (more than one heewho)

On a recent trip to Charlotte to visit my Mom for mother’s day, I got to spend some quality time with my small flock of wild heewhos. We played fetch, I fed them lucky charms, and we had a photo shoot. Their names are Walt (a 6 year old Maltese) and Sawyer (a 2 year old Coton de Tulear) for you LOST fans.


brothers from another mother


i love this pup very very much

until next time dodo birds.

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Snowy weekend in Kentucky

I decided to drive around and take pictures of some of the prettiest houses in Lexington, made prettier with snow.

My favorite

Very pretty



At my Grandma's house

The peacock farm

Grandpa's holly tree


Labor Day Weekend in Cell Phone Pictures

sweet Sawyer

campfire for family smore hour

homemade mini burgers

Chad B and me, conquering Amelie's

the case

the damage

croissant face

But he likes Koala bears

chandelier of baking

custom made froyo-yoforia

The napoleon and fat tire I left behind. Thanks CB