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Congrats readers, it’s a two post kind of day.

One of my fav friends, Vanessa, sent me this today (originally found on post secret). Love the inspiration and the kid. Let’s do it party people!


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Blog Therapy

It has been too long since my last post. I read many blogs daily and if any of them had allowed a 5 month break between posts, I wouldn’t be happy. So I apologize to my reader (Mom), for being so careless. I partly blame Pinterest.

Typically, I do not discuss any personal matters on this blog. I like to highlight fun internet finds, vintage knick-knacks, and food (because there are no blogs that currently do those things). However, I am allowing myself one gut wrenching, tear jerking, emotionally ridiculous blog post to pay homage to something that comes and goes in everyone’s life… a relationship.

For all of you single, independent, masters-of-your-own-life-cool-kids who have moved on from heartache to being the incredible person you are today, you have my full permission to feel sorry for me and file this away as a cautionary tale. For all of you single (but don’t want to be), 2 steps from the cuckoo’s nest, kindred spirits of mine who find yourself hugging the bath mat sobbing and screaming at your imaginary audience while listening to Adele with snot running down your ex’s t-shirt, I can sympathize.

Adele, thank you so much for choosing to write songs and pump them into the mainstream just when I needed you. I love hearing that song below while shopping for shoes. I have a wonderful morning, feeling slightly back to normal, and then…I hear it….that feeling in my chest starts to weigh more and more by the second, memories flash before my eyes and then tears. Before I know it, I am telling the shoe guy “I hoped you see my face, and that you’d be reminded that for me….” and then I buy $315 dollar boots. I hate Adele. 

Breaking up is terrible. Especially when it is with your best friend and partner in crime. I have been both on the giving and receiving end of this terrible ending, neither are fun. However, none of my previous experience prepared me for this one. I am not looking to divulge any juicy details or submit my lost love to (doesn’t exist, yet…), I am only here to help remind each and every one of you how much breaking up sucks, in case your memory fails you. And for what seems like nearly everyone around me who is also going through a recent split, thought I would share a few of these things to help you know, you aren’t the only one who does them.

Fact: Watching 500 Days of Summer while in a relationship is different from watching it after a break up.

A day in the life of recently single female:

6:00 AM – Alarm goes off

7:45 AM – Zombie your way out of bed

8:00 AM – Leave for work, forget to shower

8:20 AM – Get to work, drink 5 hour energy, cry 

8:35 AM – Rationalize in your head you have been in the office long enough for a 15 min break

9:00 – 5:00 – Work…

5:30 PM – Go to class (couple crosses street holding hands and you find yourself veering your car in their direction)

6:30 PM – Drive home, listen to the saddest music you could find (seriously, you googled “saddest music”, and found what you are listening to), cry like you are hoping for an Oscar, flip off the family of four staring at you in the next lane

7:00 PM – Get home, eat for the first time today (frozen burrito and 8 shots of tequila)

7:25 PM – Watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind because you read it was #1 break up movie. True.

9:47 PM – Contemplate dying your hair blonde or moving to Vermont

10:15 PM – start online shopping for wedding dresses (while listening to this, because girls are crazy), and craigslisting apartments in Vermont

11:12 PM – text your ex-boyfriend that you have just had the most miraculously productive day and you may be moving to Vermont

11:59 PM – Pass out

6:00 AM – Repeat, change movie

Ladies and Gentleman, Adele.

Relationships. We have them, we love them, we end them. We become independent and incredible human beings just long enough to forget these things, then do it again.

(breathe in———-breath out)

I may sound like a sad sack,  and a little nutty, but I am over it. Moved on to greener pastures. I got cable and a Schwans man . I’m good.

In closing,

What are we going to do!?

Do it again.

Delete this post the second you meet someone.

Buy a Kindle and this while you can still classify it as retail therapy.

Wash your hair.

Fact: Time is your best friend.

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All I want for Christmas – Last Minute Gift

35 hours until Christmas day. This means:

  • We will soon be eating good, fattening Christmas food.
  • We will soon be seeing people that we often only see on holidays.
  • We will soon be watching 18 of the 24 hours of A Christmas Story.
  • We will soon be sending blanket texts to everyone in our phones wishing them merry xmas xoxo lol ttyl
  • We will soon be scrambling to get gifts that we need last-minute (a gas card we pick up on the way to grandmas or a re-gifted gift you decide you can live without)… but here are some better ideas.

Run out of money? Do something homemade. Bake something tasty or make a handmade coupon book extending your generosity and time to a loved one. Get creative, make it cute, and follow through! You just need construction paper, makers, maybe some glue and glitter, and some fun ideas. Offer to wash their car, make them dinner, take them to the zoo, organize their pantry/garage/junk drawers… walk their dog(s), babysit, spend a whole day as their indentured servant. Cater to them, they will appreciate the thought.

This may just be me… but I love getting magazine subscriptions for Christmas. You have something to look forward to all year! Order it online, go pick up this month’s issue at the convenient store, hand it to them with a card that states, “Hope you enjoy! You will be receiving this once a month against your will for the next year.”

And… if you must brave the crazies at the mall or major retailer, remember two things:

  1. For women, “smelling good never goes out of style”. (quoted by Freddie Chappell LLC Trademark 2010 B&BW Lexington, KY 0012394312)
  2. For men, beer, man movies, pocket knife. Or socks.

The Man Trance

Read this snippet from a book on the male brain by Louann Brizendine. I believe it will help many of my female friends gain a better understanding of the things we don’t understand.

“Men look at attractive women the way we look at pretty butterflies. They catch the male brain’s attention for a second, but then they flit out of his mind. Five minutes later, while we’re still fuming, he’s deciding whether he wants ribs or chicken for dinner. He asks us, “What’s wrong?” We say, “Nothing.” He shrugs and turns on the TV. We smolder and fear that he’ll leave us for another woman.” – The Male Brain

Male Brain

Female Brain

Or…this book was actually written by a man, posing as a women in order to gain female trust, to justify wrongdoing. Hmmm….

Fun things to start the week, 2nd Edition!

“Bracket overview: Laugh for Syracuse, cry for Kansas, crown Kentucky”

SEC Tourney Champs

Chart, as tweeted by my friend Mark Rekers:

How to get the girl

This is quite weird, watch it! (thanks to Erik for this) (video below)

Gadget blog, Gizmodo, offers up fun photography challenges from time to time. This week they asked readers for their best monotone shots. They were pretty cool.

Monotone Shot

Monotone Shot



I just found this story about a personal “rosetta stone” device that allows cemetery visitors to get information on the deceased person by wirelessly transmitting info to the visitors cell phone. (if the grave stone is equipped of course) Very strange, but also very interesting.

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