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Hot dog


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Etsy ♥’s of the Week – 11/21 (Thanksgiving Edition!)

Thanksgiving is definitely tied for my favorite holiday. I love food and family and napping through football. 






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Weird Restaurants – Something to read on Monday morning.

I was reading an article on strange restaurants in America, and was quite amazed by the weirdness of the establishments featured. Here are a few I found to be the most strange and intriguing.


This Japanese restaurant, with a dining room built to look like a feudal ninja castle, allows guests to be served by stealth and mysterious ninjas. The plates don ninja stars, and according to the travel channel, this place is also home to one of the most extreme restrooms


Opaque restaurant offers up a typical dining experience in complete and utter darkness. You order in a lit room, are guided to the dining room where you are then served by blind or visually impaired servers. The experience is meant to allow diners to use all senses aside from sight, causing the flavors and scents to become of foremost importance.

Heart Attack Grill

Quadruple bypass burgers, Butterfat Shakes, cigarettes and beer are all on the menu. You wear a hospital gown, the servers wear scantily clad nurses outfits. The pictures below say enough.

Modern Toilet

You must travel out of the US to visit this s*%! can. Hong Kong is home to Modern Toilet. You eat out of a toilet and eat foods that look like they have come from one.

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Weird food things

I saw this pillow while online window shopping today. It made me curious about other food things that people buy.

pizza pillow front

pizza pillow back

nacho wallet

can i get a shake with that burger (inevitable pick up line)

my dog ate my homework

for the meat eating hipster

sushi friend

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Cotton Candy Room

This is either disgusting or brilliant.

Room with cotton candy walls

Cotton Candy walls BEFORE

Cotton Candy walls AFTER

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Lieblingsessen is German for favorite food. I recently dropped out of my German 102 class because it blew my mind (now taking a modern art class that is way more enjoyable). I left the class as we were learning food names and how to order them in German. This blog post has nothing to do with that. However, I have been running across some very appetizing dishes lately that I hope to make in the near future and wanted to share a few. Thought I would throw in a little German so I wouldn’t feel as though last semester and part of this one were wasted. Ich liebe dich noch Deutsch.

the most beautiful eggs benedict I have ever seen

Huevos Rancheros - tweeted this a while back, thought I would share it again

Baby showers, office parties... this dip shows up everywhere. Always good

Labor Day Weekend in Cell Phone Pictures

sweet Sawyer

campfire for family smore hour

homemade mini burgers

Chad B and me, conquering Amelie's

the case

the damage

croissant face

But he likes Koala bears

chandelier of baking

custom made froyo-yoforia

The napoleon and fat tire I left behind. Thanks CB

Top Five Reasons I Love Fall

I love the smell of autumn, the feeling, the sights, the clothes, the food, the beer. Fall is the perfect season to fall in love, read a book, play outside, start something new. I could do a top 20 things I love about fall list, but I won’t bore you. Let’s begin!  

The Top Five Things I Love About YOU FALL!  

5. The chill! 

In my opinion, there are few things better than throwing on that light sweater or adding an extra quilt to your bed for those chilly fall nights. The nights are longer, the air is crisp and cool, the sky is orange. It is romantic, comforting, and truly the greatest time of year! 


4. Back to School!  

Student or not, seeing those back to school supply bonanzas take over every store makes me very happy. I love overhearing kids talk about the rotten teachers they have this year and whether or not they will have classes with their best friends. I love to reminisce about the feeling (and smells) of walking into school on the first day, figuring out where my locker was and never using it…deciding on who my #1 crush was going to be that year. Where spring was a time of desperation to make it out of school alive, fall was (is) a magical time for new beginnings. Every now and again I will have the bright idea of becoming a teacher, just for these back to school encounters to become an up-close and personal experience again. Not going to happen, but it is nice to daydream about.  

School food!

I know where you are, but I don't know how to open you.

3. Seasonal Beer!  

When it gets a little cool outside and the leaves are turning, go out on the porch with a blanket, a book, and a beer.  

pumpkin makes great things even better

2. Fall Food!  

I love food year round, but fall food is the best food. We break out our crockpots again, halloween candy ruins our diets,  and then there are the gourds. I won’t talk about it, feast your eyes.  

comfort food at it's fall finest

Kürbis Cremesuppe

(f)all-time favorite candy

a caramel apple a day...

 1. So many things to do!
 We may have school to keep our days busy, but our nights and weekends are filled with more fun than one can handle. Oktoberfest, hay rides, corn mazes, pumpkin carving, apple bobbing, halloweening, raking leaves…. ahhhhh…I can’t wait.  (And Keeneland fall meet for all you Kentucky folks)

trick or treat

don't mind if I do


 So this concludes my top 5 reasons for loving fall. Get ready, it is almost here.

Gooey, yummy, delicious

I am a lover of food and a lover of the interweb. I often search for food on the interweb, whether it be recipes or pictures of pretty food. I have stumbled upon some very attractive food photography in my searches and thought I would attempt to make anyone reading this as hungry as I am. It is also the last time until late October that I will allow myself to lust over the scandalous food photos, as I am joining my friend Vanessa’s efforts to a healthier self beginning August 1. Which sucks.

Makes the 49 cent cone at McDonald's look like dog food

I literally have nothing to say

and lactose free milk

I will just have crust please. I love crust.

fantastic fair fare

favorite food, hands down.


monkey bread - childhood fav

the greatest dessert of all time

doughnut plant

boring, but great

i would love to eat it, but not make it.

kings island blue ice cream

As you can tell, sweets are my thing.

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Bright lights, big city.





















In just 48 hours of touring NYC I have:

1. Ran into Scarlett Johansson, Liev Schreiber and David Allen Grier.

2. Eaten the best slice of pizza of my life

3. Eaten the best cupcake of my life

4. Toured many of the NY sightseeing staples

5. Decided that I never want to leave and will move here with anyone who would like to be my roommate.

crumbs bake shop - aaaaamazing

statue of liberty kids


this guy

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