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I miss my blog, so I will restart this thing by giving a run down of the blogs I read daily – in an effort to find inspiration, as well as introduce you people to some fun reads.

prettiest blog I read – full of all things DIY, retro, kitschy, mid-century, colorful

live vicariously through this blog about young farmers – lots of animal stories, food and pretty pictures

post apocalyptic style, business matters, hair, travel, meditation, food

food, vintage and retro everything, fun family

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Ready, set, Christmas Craft

Cut me some slack. I realize we still have Thanksgiving, but if I wait to begin my Christmas crafting until after the first winter holiday… it will be too late.

I am not crafty. I pay people to make things for me, or buy overpriced “vintage” and “handmade” wonders from Anthropologie, in an effort to seem crafty and vintagy. But my favorite store will not win this year. After perusing the holiday collection and stumbling across the most wonderful tree skirt that I can’t live without only to find that it is $300, I have decided to draft my crafty friends to teach me a thing or two about a thing or two.

tree skirt

Making twelve “granny squares” (term learned this week from craft people) and putting them around a circle can’t be that hard. Mine will probably be safety pinned to the circle, but that is alright with me. I will have fake presents covering those up.

granny square

Learning to crochet in a hurry and magically replicating the above tree skirt is not the only lofty idea I have. I also want to make a couple of these wreaths, but the blogger below doesn’t make it sound like the therapeutic and rewarding craft experience that I am hoping for. While my intentions are good, I will probably end up buying this one. But I am going to attempt it, at least. Even if it is doll house size.

felted ball wreath

Here’s to blogging about my minor crafting achievements in the near future!

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Spring Project Time!

This week as I sat in my living room floor staring at Freddie’s furniture projects, my mounds of work work and frustrating GIS homework, all I wanted to do was find some fun escape. Maybe I could color. Maybe I could watch 20 youtube videos in a row. Maybe I could organize my closet by color and sleeve length.

While all of those things are fun for a moment, I wanted something that would last… like a club to join or a project that was strictly for fun having rather than money making or degree getting.

One morning as I ran my normal blog rounds, I found it. Spring Project #1, that will probably take me 12.5 springs. My great grandma Myrtle quilts. She is fantastic and I sleep with the quilt she made me nearly every night. Quilts can be very fun and dear, and I hear the process is therapeutic, and sometimes frustrating. But, if I can sit down every night and devote a little time to something that could be so exciting to complete, I believe it is worth it.

I have not, however, sewn a single button onto a single piece of clothing in my life. I am illiterate when it comes to the world of needles and patchwork. It wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot though.

First I will need this (which could be a project on its own):

DIY Sewing Table

Then I will attempt to do this:

pick my colors and fabric

Work feverishly with friends

Bammmm - Quilt.

The quilt above is the goal I am working towards. You can find out how to make this quilt, and many other fun things here.

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All I want for Christmas – A card

You may dread it, you may put it off until the last-minute, or you may justify in your head that it is merely a card and no one will notice not receiving one from your return address this year… 

However, there is something so special and fun about sending and receiving cards filled with love and well-wishes during this season. Go grab that good pen you love to write with, put on some snuggly pajamas, sip a cup of hot chocolate and put your heart and soul onto that glittery, magical paper. Whether you make your own or buy in bulk, give a card.

Take a look at some of my favorites this year, they are guaranteed to inspire some good old-fashioned Christmas card writing joy.



DIY Recycled Legos


Santa smokes

Watch parade, eat, DECORATE

Thanksgiving is so great. Yes there is food, family and the Macy’s parade, but there is also the exciting unspoken permission to go decorating crazy for the next big holiday. Here are a few of my favorite decorating ideas this year.

This first spectacle isn’t necessarily a holiday decoration, but for some reason the picture below strikes a sense of holiday mystery and wonder that I want present this time of year. Burniture


Gingerbread houses are always fun to decorate and decorate with. This is a very traditional project that allows for supreme creativity and modern-day spins. I want to take a stab at this idea (mainly because of my boyfriend’s passion for mid-century modern).

MCM Gingerbread House

Gumdrops, coconut, tiny Eames

I am always a fan of DIY decorating projects, I rarely engage in any, but I like it when others do. I plan on tackling a few of these this weekend. They seem easy enough for the craft challenged human, such as myself. I may have to call on Kalie Templin for some of her craftiness and expertise.

Paper Ornaments

This DIY tree stand may be the sexiest Christmas installation of all time.

Step 1 - Find a lumberjack

Step 2 - Have lumberjack bring you tree stump

Step 3 - Lumberjack sets up tree stand

Step 4 - Decorate tree with lumberjack


Fall bike riding is my favorite and the Legacy Trail opened in Lexington last Sunday, so Freddie and I went on a crazy obsessed search for a bike this weekend. (I sold my last bike in July for Forecastle tickets…my love for Zooey knows no bounds). We started the search in Louisville at Vic’s Classic Bikes. I wanted a used bike that had been given some TLC, and didn’t quite find it there. My next stop was Parkside Bike Boutique, where upon entering the store front, was promised by Ben (owner) that he would find the perfect bike for me or his day would be ruined.


Ben delivered on that promise and found two, a vintage road bike that was just the right amount of bike for the right amount of money and a Schwinn Breeze that was way too cute and way too comfortable for me to leave behind. I contemplated getting both, but left only with the Breeze (currently working with @ChadByrum to build the perfect-for-me-road-bike).

My new favorite thing

There are a few things I want to vamp up my new joy a little. New crankset, a head light, a rear basket (and to figure out what that little thing on the front is for, if you know, tell me!)… and then there is this amazing thing for my future road bike:

Perfect Bike Shelf

Perfect Bike Shelf 2

Perfect Bike Shelf 3

Everyone needs a bike.

Apartment redecoration infatuation

In May of this year I moved into a new apartment, leaving behind The Indian Queen (my old apartment’s god given name). Unlike my old apartment, my new one has ZERO storage/closet space and the world’s tiniest kitchen. In an attempt to make me love this place rather than loathe it, I have recently become obsessed with stalking furniture and design blogs for inspiration in changing this tiny apartment into a wonderful/comfortable/ aesthetically pleasing space to dwell. The pictures below map out a few ideas and rooms I would love to model my place after. I am on a tight budget, so I will be attempting quite a bit of DIY projects, as well as using my fantastic furniture finding friend Freddie to “scout :)” out some funky fantastic furniture finds.