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Long weekend fun

Tulips on campus

first attempt at Turkey burger
Easter pal surprise from Fred
serious Easter business
crazy weather
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Etsy ♥’s of the Week – 04/21 (kiddo edition)

I may not have any kiddos, but lots of my friends do (including my faux blog friends who I read on a daily basis, have never met, but feel like I know them and their children better than I know most of my co-workers. Creepy, I know..)

I search etsy for fun deals and pretty things everyday, and run across some of the cutest kid crap around. Here are some of my favs. (check out my friend Kalie’s kid-friendly etsy shop)

-who says the pint sized can’t be chic?


– you can never go wrong with eco-friendly stuffed animal friends


 – mycakies (she has a cute blog) makes these fun pillow dollhouses that I would have traded my little brother for about 22 years ago.

 -vintage clothes are even cuter when they are for tiny people.

 pretend tea-party food


cool tees, for the cool vintage seeking kiddo, from RogueRetro




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Etsy ♥’s of the Week – 04/13






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Etsy ♥’s of the Week – 04/06






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Weird Restaurants – Something to read on Monday morning.

I was reading an article on strange restaurants in America, and was quite amazed by the weirdness of the establishments featured. Here are a few I found to be the most strange and intriguing.


This Japanese restaurant, with a dining room built to look like a feudal ninja castle, allows guests to be served by stealth and mysterious ninjas. The plates don ninja stars, and according to the travel channel, this place is also home to one of the most extreme restrooms


Opaque restaurant offers up a typical dining experience in complete and utter darkness. You order in a lit room, are guided to the dining room where you are then served by blind or visually impaired servers. The experience is meant to allow diners to use all senses aside from sight, causing the flavors and scents to become of foremost importance.

Heart Attack Grill

Quadruple bypass burgers, Butterfat Shakes, cigarettes and beer are all on the menu. You wear a hospital gown, the servers wear scantily clad nurses outfits. The pictures below say enough.

Modern Toilet

You must travel out of the US to visit this s*%! can. Hong Kong is home to Modern Toilet. You eat out of a toilet and eat foods that look like they have come from one.

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