Rachel, Nevada

I was sitting in the GIS lab last week listening to a guest speaker get excited about remote sensing, LiDAR and all sorts of craziness. Even though the guy knew his stuff, I found myself drifting off into that strange sleep you can only experience under fluorescent lights in a computer lab. To keep from embarrassing myself, I started checking all of my social network addictions. First I checked my email. My instructor had sent us a few links related to our guest speaker, as well as an article from PCWorld about bridge distortion on google maps. Instead of reading that article, I clicked on the recommended reading link below the bridges. It took me to:

In Pictures: The Strangest Sights in Google Earth

This slide show was entertaining, so I proceeded to click on the second installment, Strangest Sights II. This is where I found out about Rachel, Nevada.

Google maps image of Rachel, Nevada

For some reason, in Rachel, Nevada, they have a giant likeness of Colonel Sanders that can be seen from space. This triggered my interest in the town because 1) my name is Rachel, 2) I am from Kentucky, where a space sized KFC advertisement seems slightly more conceivable. From there, I began my research on the first town I had ever heard bare my name, and wasn’t quite prepared for what I found.

First off, Rachel, Nevada is located on the world’s only extraterrestrial highway and currently has a population of around 100 people. The town is known as the “UFO Capital of the World” according to Rachel’s website. The only business in the town is the Little A’Le’Inn Restaurant and Bar. Rachel is known for its plane crashes, its proximity to Area 51, and was featured in the movie Independence Day. Rachel has an unofficial speed limit of Warp 7.

The Rachel, Nevada website is quite interesting, I recommend it highly.

A few pics from the Rachel Day parade held annually in May:

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