The closet case.

The beginning of a new year always leads to reevaluations of spending habits, food consumption, couch/tv/exercise ratios, and many other life choices. Every year I start off saying that I will somehow improve my personal style, whilst saving money. I read too many blogs and see all of these wonderful handmade/vintage/thrifted wonders and think to myself, how hard can it be? Yet somehow, come December, I am still donning faded work pants that are 2 sizes too big, cardigans missing at least 2 buttons, and a NICE man’s undershirt. (with tennis shoes or snow boots on, and heels under my desk…just in case I need to look fancier in a flash). My style could be summed up as frumpy and frantic. Here are a few stylish ladies from whom I would like to take cues. (Zooey first, naturally)


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