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Cotton Candy Room

This is either disgusting or brilliant.

Room with cotton candy walls

Cotton Candy walls BEFORE

Cotton Candy walls AFTER

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I want to leave work so I can:

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Lieblingsessen is German for favorite food. I recently dropped out of my German 102 class because it blew my mind (now taking a modern art class that is way more enjoyable). I left the class as we were learning food names and how to order them in German. This blog post has nothing to do with that. However, I have been running across some very appetizing dishes lately that I hope to make in the near future and wanted to share a few. Thought I would throw in a little German so I wouldn’t feel as though last semester and part of this one were wasted. Ich liebe dich noch Deutsch.

the most beautiful eggs benedict I have ever seen

Huevos Rancheros - tweeted this a while back, thought I would share it again

Baby showers, office parties... this dip shows up everywhere. Always good

Free Art Project

I was reading IndieFixx blog today and ran across this. Feed Your Soul: the free art project –  just what it sounds like. It has some great art/illustrations that are free to download. Many of the artists are familiar if you are an etsy regular. Not many things are free these days, so enjoy!

Jen Oaks

Angela Stasio

Nan Lawson

Jo Cheung

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The closet case.

The beginning of a new year always leads to reevaluations of spending habits, food consumption, couch/tv/exercise ratios, and many other life choices. Every year I start off saying that I will somehow improve my personal style, whilst saving money. I read too many blogs and see all of these wonderful handmade/vintage/thrifted wonders and think to myself, how hard can it be? Yet somehow, come December, I am still donning faded work pants that are 2 sizes too big, cardigans missing at least 2 buttons, and a NICE man’s undershirt. (with tennis shoes or snow boots on, and heels under my desk…just in case I need to look fancier in a flash). My style could be summed up as frumpy and frantic. Here are a few stylish ladies from whom I would like to take cues. (Zooey first, naturally)

Charlotte Puppy Webcam Fun

Took Freddie to Charlotte for the first time this past week. We had loads of fun and snagged some great pieces for his booth at Scout. These are some pics from the quality time we spent with the wild animals.


Sawyer, attempting to lick the devil out of Walt


our band's cd inside cover photo


the end.