All I want for Christmas – Electronic elation.

It is Christmas morning. You have eyeballed several shallow rectangular boxes under the tree that are presumably articles of clothing. You scope out the really big box that doesn’t weigh very much, it has to be 4 bath towels or maybe 2 throw pillows. At this very moment you realize you are an adult and the things you get for Christmas are often things you dread shopping for yourself, so you ask your parents to do it for you. As your eyes leave the “need-based” gift boxes, you see a tiny box in the corner. It was easily looked over because of its size, and the weight of the object inside is slightly more concentrated than that of the possible towels… then, you remember…

Whether it is an ipod, a computer, a roomba, whatever… there is nothing quite like receiving an electronic wondertoy. It is my favorite thing to open. You take it (wondertoy) out of its slim, stylish box. You peel back that clear protective covering with perfect preciseness and touch the screen slightly with your finger tip to make sure it is real. Then… power on. The noise it makes, the sudden ignite rumble it sets off, that very first introductory display screen, the feeling cannot be described. Here are a few of electronics that I will only dream of getting this year. (click the pictures to see more)

Nikon D7000

HTC Desire HD (although it isn't available in the US)

LG Infinia LX9500

SlideHD 16GB

Roku xds

Navigate your computer...with your mind...

Olive O6HD Music Server


2 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas – Electronic elation.

  1. Ironically I’m getting you 3 of these gifts! Seriously though, we’re a big fan of our Nikon D3100 so I’m sure the 7000 can kick some serious tail!

  2. pps says:

    I am addicted to the Roku.

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