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The best moments of 2010 (for me any how)!

Vanessa and I, Keeneland spring meet

Me, Central Park

Baby Brohemius graduating from Lee University

I miss you Boogie


Forecastle 2010

Josh Ritter - Cincinnati 2010



Freddie and I, after some serious vespa-ing

Local Natives show in Asheville

Snow on Christmas

getting it how we get it

Mary Katherine and myself

That is Ian Ziering

Melissa Jane Sparrow and I at Thursday night live

Sweet surprise

The men at the orchard

World Equestrian Games + Horse Mania + Green Lantern

Kalie and Hadley at Oktoberfest, getting crazy

The Miller house - fun day, fun furniture

Lucien and Kendall - Sam Bush show

Freddie - Rachel - Asheville - The End.


All I want for Christmas – Last Minute Gift

35 hours until Christmas day. This means:

  • We will soon be eating good, fattening Christmas food.
  • We will soon be seeing people that we often only see on holidays.
  • We will soon be watching 18 of the 24 hours of A Christmas Story.
  • We will soon be sending blanket texts to everyone in our phones wishing them merry xmas xoxo lol ttyl
  • We will soon be scrambling to get gifts that we need last-minute (a gas card we pick up on the way to grandmas or a re-gifted gift you decide you can live without)… but here are some better ideas.

Run out of money? Do something homemade. Bake something tasty or make a handmade coupon book extending your generosity and time to a loved one. Get creative, make it cute, and follow through! You just need construction paper, makers, maybe some glue and glitter, and some fun ideas. Offer to wash their car, make them dinner, take them to the zoo, organize their pantry/garage/junk drawers… walk their dog(s), babysit, spend a whole day as their indentured servant. Cater to them, they will appreciate the thought.

This may just be me… but I love getting magazine subscriptions for Christmas. You have something to look forward to all year! Order it online, go pick up this month’s issue at the convenient store, hand it to them with a card that states, “Hope you enjoy! You will be receiving this once a month against your will for the next year.”

And… if you must brave the crazies at the mall or major retailer, remember two things:

  1. For women, “smelling good never goes out of style”. (quoted by Freddie Chappell LLC Trademark 2010 B&BW Lexington, KY 0012394312)
  2. For men, beer, man movies, pocket knife. Or socks.

The cutest Christmas blog

I read quite a few blogs. I often feature other blogs on my blog. One of my favorite cutesy blogs is Thompson Family-Life ..and the pursuit of all things cute, kitschy & crafty. Her recent blog entires have been some of my favorite Christmas-inspired yet. Take a gander.

All I want for Christmas – Pretty, shiny things.

In honor of the icy landscape that made its way into my life this morning, I decided to focus today’s all I want for Christmas blog on shiny things. Pretty, shiny, girly things.

I recently found this jewelry artisan, Kate Szabone, on Etsy. Her things are understated and beautiful. Perfect for any lady on your list.

Cushion/Oval Shape Rose Cut Diamond Ring

Another Etsy shop I frequent is the antique home decor and accessory shop of Sadie Olive. I love so many things on her page, but I have always thought these vanity mirrors are very timeless and beautiful.

beveled vanity mirror

I love receiving ornaments as a gift. I love adding to my tiny ornament collection and looking forward to using it on next year’s tree (even though I don’t have a tree this year, so it doesn’t really feel like Christmas… tiny…v.i.o.l.i.n….). I really enjoy vintage Shiny Brite ornaments. Just steal a few off of your Grandma’s tree and give them to friends. The Iced Penguin and Whale ornaments at Anthropologie are pretty terrific too.

Shiny Brite

Iced Penguin and Whale

What better to keep your head warm during these blustery days and nights than a sparkly toboggan from Anthro?

shiny hat

And for the very frou-frou ipad carrying lady on your list, this sequins sleeve from Nordstrom may be just watch she needs.

flashy ipad sleeve

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All I want for Christmas – Electronic elation.

It is Christmas morning. You have eyeballed several shallow rectangular boxes under the tree that are presumably articles of clothing. You scope out the really big box that doesn’t weigh very much, it has to be 4 bath towels or maybe 2 throw pillows. At this very moment you realize you are an adult and the things you get for Christmas are often things you dread shopping for yourself, so you ask your parents to do it for you. As your eyes leave the “need-based” gift boxes, you see a tiny box in the corner. It was easily looked over because of its size, and the weight of the object inside is slightly more concentrated than that of the possible towels… then, you remember…

Whether it is an ipod, a computer, a roomba, whatever… there is nothing quite like receiving an electronic wondertoy. It is my favorite thing to open. You take it (wondertoy) out of its slim, stylish box. You peel back that clear protective covering with perfect preciseness and touch the screen slightly with your finger tip to make sure it is real. Then… power on. The noise it makes, the sudden ignite rumble it sets off, that very first introductory display screen, the feeling cannot be described. Here are a few of electronics that I will only dream of getting this year. (click the pictures to see more)

Nikon D7000

HTC Desire HD (although it isn't available in the US)

LG Infinia LX9500

SlideHD 16GB

Roku xds

Navigate your computer...with your mind...

Olive O6HD Music Server

Snowy weekend in Kentucky

I decided to drive around and take pictures of some of the prettiest houses in Lexington, made prettier with snow.

My favorite

Very pretty



At my Grandma's house

The peacock farm

Grandpa's holly tree


All I want for Christmas – A card

You may dread it, you may put it off until the last-minute, or you may justify in your head that it is merely a card and no one will notice not receiving one from your return address this year… 

However, there is something so special and fun about sending and receiving cards filled with love and well-wishes during this season. Go grab that good pen you love to write with, put on some snuggly pajamas, sip a cup of hot chocolate and put your heart and soul onto that glittery, magical paper. Whether you make your own or buy in bulk, give a card.

Take a look at some of my favorites this year, they are guaranteed to inspire some good old-fashioned Christmas card writing joy.



DIY Recycled Legos


Santa smokes