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Watch parade, eat, DECORATE

Thanksgiving is so great. Yes there is food, family and the Macy’s parade, but there is also the exciting unspoken permission to go decorating crazy for the next big holiday. Here are a few of my favorite decorating ideas this year.

This first spectacle isn’t necessarily a holiday decoration, but for some reason the picture below strikes a sense of holiday mystery and wonder that I want present this time of year. Burniture


Gingerbread houses are always fun to decorate and decorate with. This is a very traditional project that allows for supreme creativity and modern-day spins. I want to take a stab at this idea (mainly because of my boyfriend’s passion for mid-century modern).

MCM Gingerbread House

Gumdrops, coconut, tiny Eames

I am always a fan of DIY decorating projects, I rarely engage in any, but I like it when others do. I plan on tackling a few of these this weekend. They seem easy enough for the craft challenged human, such as myself. I may have to call on Kalie Templin for some of her craftiness and expertise.

Paper Ornaments

This DIY tree stand may be the sexiest Christmas installation of all time.

Step 1 - Find a lumberjack

Step 2 - Have lumberjack bring you tree stump

Step 3 - Lumberjack sets up tree stand

Step 4 - Decorate tree with lumberjack


All I want for Christmas – Something Strange

Often times the most memorable gifts are the strange ones. Those things you would probably never buy for yourself, as you are always able to justify clothing or groceries before you can approve that strange thing you feel so drawn to. Here are a few of my favorites, for gag or for real.

Engage in some pseudoscience

"Rough" it.

Float on

Soap that looks like food

Bunny Suprise

All I want for Christmas – Big Fun Prints

I am in Christmas gift brain mode, so for the next 2 weeks I will be showing off some of the most fun and cutesy ideas I stumble upon in my search for the best things to put under the tree (on a budget). I wanted to start with wall prints. They are very fun (and generally affordable) and it is quite easy to find something for anyone. Etsy is such a great place for finding the best weird/original/genius gifts for those lovely folks in your life. For you fellow Lexingtonians, check out Scout.

Big Fun Prints

Big Fun Atmosphere Print

Big Fun Good News Print

Big Fun Sweet Print

Big Fun Kitchen Print

Big Fun Map Print