Fall bike riding is my favorite and the Legacy Trail opened in Lexington last Sunday, so Freddie and I went on a crazy obsessed search for a bike this weekend. (I sold my last bike in July for Forecastle tickets…my love for Zooey knows no bounds). We started the search in Louisville at Vic’s Classic Bikes. I wanted a used bike that had been given some TLC, and didn’t quite find it there. My next stop was Parkside Bike Boutique, where upon entering the store front, was promised by Ben (owner) that he would find the perfect bike for me or his day would be ruined.


Ben delivered on that promise and found two, a vintage road bike that was just the right amount of bike for the right amount of money and a Schwinn Breeze that was way too cute and way too comfortable for me to leave behind. I contemplated getting both, but left only with the Breeze (currently working with @ChadByrum to build the perfect-for-me-road-bike).

My new favorite thing

There are a few things I want to vamp up my new joy a little. New crankset, a head light, a rear basket (and to figure out what that little thing on the front is for, if you know, tell me!)… and then there is this amazing thing for my future road bike:

Perfect Bike Shelf

Perfect Bike Shelf 2

Perfect Bike Shelf 3

Everyone needs a bike.


One thought on “Bicycling.

  1. Awesome bike 🙂
    You just made me want one really bad!

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