Top Five Men

My blog is slightly scattered, has no purpose or direction, and fails to fall into any category whatsoever…thus making blog ideas slightly difficult as the possibilities are endless. So, for the fun of it, I am going to throw together a few top five lists that no one will care about but me. Enjoy!


5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt – He has made his way to my list (ousting Mark Ruffalo) in the last year. 500 Days of Summer was enough to make my heart melt, and being able to divert my attention from Zooey is quite a feat. (Jim Carey was unsuccessful). Seeing him in Inception yesterday made my weekend.

It is all about his smile and the way he looks in a vest…

Here comes your man

4. Josh Ritter – I first laid eyes on this Idaho native at a show in Charlotte, NC in 2005.  He ended the set with Good Man, and I knew from that moment that I would see this adorable singer/songwriter in concert any and every time he was near. I have never experienced a more intimate and sincere performance than the ones that Mr. Ritter offers up. Luckily I only have 16 days until my next fix.

I’m singing for the love of it—have mercy on the man who sings to be adored

3. Robert Downey Jr.– I first fell in love with him in Wonder Boys. I love him as Iron Man, I love him as Sherlock Holmes, and I will love him regardless of the film. He is arrogant, a little rough around the edges, and I could stare at him for hours.

I love you

2. Casey Affleck I don’t have a lot to say about this man aside from the fact that I love his raspy voice and his teeth. I think he is very handsome indeed and would marry him tomorrow if he asked. I can’t wait to see The Killer Inside Me

Better than Ben

1. Roger Federer – Tom Brady, Tony Romo, David Beckham, all ugly. The only athlete that matters to me is this Swiss beauty. He took a girl who knew absolutely nothing about tennis and turned her into a girl that found her self waking up early on a Saturday to watch him run around a court doing things I was unsure of. I knew it would all be worth it, however, once they cut away to a replay and all you saw was that face, with that beautiful hair glistening with sweat, gliding across the Nike head band.

My doubles partner

There you have it, my top five favorite men to stare at.

Pacey Witter

I would also like to include an honorable mention

(my celebrity boyfriend since the beginning of time

….Mighty Ducks):

Joshua Jackson, who (thankfully made his way back to television) and costars in my favorite show Fringe.

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One thought on “Top Five Men

  1. Brandy B says:

    I’m glad you mentioned Joshua Jackson, because a list of the top handsome men wouldn’t be complete without him.

    I’m also glad you write your scattered, directionless blog…it gives me something to do when work is slow. 🙂

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