My co-worker and I were naming shows and things from our past that no one really cared about besides us. My favorite tv show as a pre-teen was Swan’s Crossing, which is quite possilby some of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s finest work. I would bolt off of the school bus into my friend Stephanie’s house and we would watch it, and tiny toons everyday. The show was kind of like Day’s of our Lives, if Day’s of our Lives were all middle school aged kids.

So….I googled Swan’s Crossing, and there is a whole community out there that still obsess over the show!


Swan’s Crossing Fan Listing

Miss Swan’s Swans Crossing Site

Swan's Crossing

Swan's Crossing Cast

I doubt that anyone reading this will care as much about this as me, but this show was awesome.

Remember the Spirograph? It made everyone an artist.



AND! Do you remember Orbitz Drink, with the floaty jelly things? I always begged to get one at the grocery, even though it was disgusting.

Orbitz Water

The best group of McDonald’s toys I have seen, and I had them all.

McDonald's Toys -1991

AND I SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST!!!!!!!!!! If I have talked video games with you, you know that my favorite video game as a child was one that I could not remember the name of, but could remember everything about. It became so frustrating because everyone with whom I would discuss this game would either look at me like I was crazy or say,”Oh, you mean Kirby?” NO! NOT KIRBY! Everytime I searched, I would enter “rainbow” and “boy” and “clouds”, because for some reason those are the only words I could muster from memories of playing this game 20 years ago. Google would only produce results for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six or Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue. Well, today, I finally found it! I have been trying to figure out the name of this game for sooo long, and I am oh so pleased to be able to share it now…

Rainbow Islands – The Story of Bubble Bobble 2

Rainbow Island: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2


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