Things to start the week

Rarely do I have any of my own material on this blog, I just share things on the internet that I find interesting. Here are a few that I have already found to begin the week! 

For the Shanghai World Expo, being held in the United Kingdom in May, this structure is the pièce de résistance for the grounds. It is a little intense. 

Hedgehog Building

Tomorrow is national pancake day, so IHOP is offering up a free short stack to patrons from 7 AM to 10 PM. 

February 23rd, National Pancake Day

VERRRRYYY INTERRESSTTINGG…. I never thought of it, but could the overwhelming use of Twitter and Foursquare lead to a rise in Home Owner’s Insurance rates, as people now know our every move and location at any given point of the day? Please rob me… 

Unrelated Twitter addiction comic

 Something I would like to see before I die. MITs Flyfire project come to life: 



Nestle announces 19 new kit-kat flavors in Japan! Including chile and wasabi flavor… 


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